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This time it's personal

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  • We can never hear all the gear.
  • No stereo can ever be the ultimate as next year's entry level model will blow away this year's reference model (as is always the case).
  • We can never know if any recording is accurate to any given benchmark.
  • Measurements are sometimes useful but ultimately incomplete.
  • We can never know what someone else hears or for that matter, why they hear it, too many personal and environmental factors to take into account.
  • The pursuit of greater audio can only be driven by individual experience, much like spirituality.
  • Fear Of Missing Out is a condition instilled into audio customer through clever marketing.
  • This leads to a situation (in circumstances where loaners are unavailable, an increasingly common scenario) wherein the customer begins evaluating a hypothetical system which they compare with their real system, also hypothetically. This is folly as the data is incomplete.

The above points have led me to the following conclusion:

It is easier and cheaper for me to enjoy the stereo I have rather than believe that further purchases are justifiable (and that said purchases will have a definite positive impact on my enjoyment of the music it produces).


  1. Teresa's Avatar
    I agree with your conclusion.

    I selected audio/video equipment that I liked and was in my price range. I usually keep stuff until it costs more to repair than replace.

    I don't have to have the best, just what I enjoy listening to music through and what I can afford. The quest for the best will never be realized and only leads to audiophilia nervosa, which is a desire that can ruin lives, thank goodness I've never been bitten.
  2. rrwwss52's Avatar
    I must concur. With the exception of my recently added Sonore microRendu (and Roon/HQPlayer), most of my stuff is four to five years old and older. Not to mention, my 1993 Sony CD Changer still works great. Unless my ears suddenly get better, I'm not sure I could tell the difference in further upgrades.