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Listening to music on the Hi-Fi

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I don't think I qualify as a typical audiophile or if I do, it stops short of most of the expected characteristics people associate with audiophiles. I have an especially hard time using the lingo to describe the sound of my components. I think it deals with what Michael Lavorgna of Audiostream commonly refers to "listening to music on the hi-fi".

I don't really listen to the hifi itself so its hard to tell you what it sounds like. I listen to the music. The stereo is just a delivery method. I have good components. Music sounds like music when I listen to it. I get caught up in it. I don't do DBT or ABX or anything like that. I just bought what sounded good to me.

I have my stereo in the living room. No room correction, no dsp, no special fine tuning of speaker placement, no fancy EQ. I listen to FLAC and sometimes mp3. I spent a reasonable amount on my system and the only real tweak I have is the regen which I got here for free.

I think most audiophiles have a condition called FOMO. Fear of missing out. So they are constantly upgrading to make it better. I think I managed to sidestep that by not listening to my hifi. I listen to music, on the hifi.

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