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Build and Lift

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This is our purpose. We are here to build and lift each other. If the world comes to us, it's because they need us. They need what we have. And what we have is knowledge and experience. We can use these to build and lift the world. Can you imagine it?

What if the audiophile community decided that the "prime directive" so to speak was to build and lift up people around us by educating them about how to make the music they love sound better to them for a price they can afford. What if we left the chasing of the last 1-5% in SQ to a niche of a niche and focused more on making it easy for music lovers to get to the 95% and then advise that everything from there up falls under diminishing returns, letting them choose if they want to go further down the road or not? Really, for the price of a current video game console that the population at large has no problems buying by the millions, they could get a set of speakers that could increase the amount of pleasure they derive from their music by untold amounts.

People love music. People love great sounding music. The problem is the hifi stigma. People are put off when they start reading about megabuck stereo components that cost more than cars and houses. People are put off when they come to our forums and see nothing but bickering, infighting, overanalyzing minutae and engaging in inane listening tests. Seems like more trouble than it's worth just to listen to music. And I don't blame them. That's crazy. It's hard to see the value in hifi when we give that kind of first impression.

If we could redirect our passion for the hobby from an inward, self-serving group outwards by helping other people with their tunes I suspect a lot of joy would result. I suspect a vastly different perception of the audiophile community would result. There's room for 1-percenters and their six figure components. It's a very diverse hobby and there is a stereo for every walk of life. But in order for the hobby to grow and flourish, the spotlight doesn't need to be on those kinds of things. It needs to be on high-value, low cost gear that's attainable by the masses.

That's how we can build and lift the world.

Updated 05-02-2016 at 06:42 PM by whoozwah

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  1. The Computer Audiophile's Avatar
    Very interesting piece whoozwah.
  2. Jud's Avatar
    Nicely said. (For myself I will still probably chase those diminishing returns, but perhaps more in software than hardware, and hopefully not for an insane amount of money.)
  3. Melvin's Avatar
    A lofty goal in our embattled hobby. With so many ways to accomplish really good sound and at differing price-points it would be damn near impossible for us to have any kind of consensus. However, this thread is a wonderful example of community at its finest. There is such a wealth of ideas and information shared by dozens in our community .. it could very well be a sticky. As technology marches on this would also provide a continuing resource as it is added to. I wish CA had more threads infused with the same spirit. Thanks for posting this whoozwah.