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The Ill-Tempered Audiophool

Use AU plugins for free with any Apple audio software

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You need two downloads, each of which is free:

1. Soundflower. Download Soundflower for Mac - Allows applications to pass audio to other applications (beta).

2. AU Lab:

Install, reboot. For use with iTunes, you need to select Soundflower 2.0 as the (virtual) output device.

Open AU Lab, and set the input device to Soundflower 2.0, and the output device to what you really want (your dac, bridge, etc).


Click the "Create Document" button. Then select what AU interface you want. For example, this is the parametric equalizer:


Another potentially very useful option is the new Dirac AU (beta) plugin, which will allow you to use Dirac with everything:





You can save it if you want a permanent filter.


You aren't restricted to Apple's plugins, either. Eg, the tube amp you always wanted as a room-heater:


Updated 01-08-2016 at 12:27 PM by wgscott

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  1. mbain's Avatar
    What the heck are UA plugins and what do they do for you (us)?

  2. wgscott's Avatar
    Sorry, AU, not UA.

    Dyslexics of the world, untie!

    Audio Units - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  3. Encore's Avatar
    Do you know if this works w Audirvana's exclusive access mode? And if not, it is sufficient to untick that box?
  4. Danold's Avatar
    Some time ago I inquired about where to get the Dirac AU beta, but no response even from Dirac. Where can one find this AU?
  5. flak's Avatar
    Thanks wgscott for the useful info.
    Dirac Live users can ask for the Dirac AU/VST beta plugins at
    Audirvana's Direct Mode can be used with the Dirac AU plugins

  6. Rock Bottom's Avatar
    I think all you need to use AUs with Audirvana is the two items.. I've not dwnldd Sunflower or AU Lab but I have and occasionally use 3rd party plugins with A+.