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The Ill-Tempered Audiophool

Remote Control Part V: EventScripts and its companion free iOS app

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I just got an application called EventScripts and its companion free iOS app. It has quite a bit of functionality. The two I instantly made use of are (1) the trigger function, so it can execute an Applescript or shell script in response to an event (eg: starting playback in iTunes), and (2) the iOS remote functionality, which gives you a simple interface to run any Applescript or shell script remotely, eg:


There is a lot more to this, and I have only started to play around with it.

It also allows you to remap the remote control functions on your mac. So for example, the Apple "direction down" button now lowers my living room lights, turning the main ones blue and the ones illuminating the fire place magenta, which I can then use with my Harmony 650 Remote (the poor man's one you can get for $60) to have the lights go low with activities for viewing TV movies or listening to music. "Direction up" then brightens the lights when I turn the power off. Each of these is mapped into a shell script I wrote to control the Hue lights I have (see below). The other remote functions I use primarily to control Audirvana, using Applescripts that talk directly to Audrivana. I mapped the "Menu" button into an AppleScript GUI control that clears the stand-alone playlist, which facilitates full integration with my iPad's, even though I am using Audirvana in Stand-alone mode.

More info here: EventScripts: Advanced Script Triggering for Mac OS X and iOS

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