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The Ill-Tempered Audiophool

New stereo woofers on order

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Well, my old standby woofer had a good run for it, but finally gave up the ghost. The "listening room" sure seems empty now. However, I have ordered two new ones from the same lineage. They are being custom-produced, so there is a bit of a wait, but I am sure it will be appreciated in the long run. I can't say I am looking forward to the breaking-in period, but hopefully that will be short. It will be the first time I have two at once, and am looking forward to the new experience.
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  1. AudioDoctor's Avatar
    I hope the two new pups bring you as much joy!
  2. goldsdad's Avatar
    Ha! I mistook that for your REL subwoofer problem.

    Don't worry, the pups will have you trained in no time. ;)
  3. wgscott's Avatar
    Today would have been his 15th bday.
  4. Akapod's Avatar
    ... Is a grand run for any woofer.
  5. goldsdad's Avatar
    Sampson sure was a handsome lad. You're fortunate to be getting more of his lineage. Don't forget to hide these 10 grand cables while the pups are teething, though.
  6. wgscott's Avatar
    Yeah, 10-12 years is what is listed for the lifespan for a Golden Retriever, so 15 years (minus 8 days) is a good run.
  7. 4est's Avatar
    Is a good run for a dog that large, and I am sure that they were good ones!

    Congrats on the pups- how fun they are, I am envious!
  8. Caner's Avatar
    and I guess you will notice a very significant improvement over single sub. That was my impression when I had subs in my system.

    Good Luck


    ooops, no subs in this case, got it...albeit a bit late...
  9. wgscott's Avatar
    Well, they arrived. We finally got them to the house about 11:30 pm Wed. We haven't slept much since, and the ambient background noise level is nowhere near -144 dB.

    Updated 05-12-2012 at 11:27 PM by wgscott (photo link broken)
  10. wgscott's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 4est
    Is a good run for a dog that large, and I am sure that they were good ones!
    Yeah, he had a very full long life. The typical life expectancy is 11-12 years.

    Congrats on the pups- how fun they are, I am envious!
    I think we may have been certifiably insane to get two. Everything is a game for them.
  11. wgscott's Avatar
    And that, my friends, is audible whining.
  12. goldsdad's Avatar
    They are absolutely beautiful! What are their names?
  13. wgscott's Avatar
    We seem to have settled on Sirius (M, lighter one) and Polaris (F, red one). They are Sampson's great-great nephew and niece (assuming those terms apply to dogs). The last week has been kind of a challenge.
  14. wgscott's Avatar
    Oh, that towel was pre-stained with bleach, long before the dogs arrived.
  15. wgscott's Avatar
    Polaris had to be put down for liver failure yesterday, about 1:00 am, at age 10.5 months. Hard to believe only 3 weeks ago she and her brother were happily running around the yard, breaking my ankle. Her brother is taking is as hard as we are.
  16. jshawn's Avatar
    Extremely sad news Bill. My condolences.

  17. souptin's Avatar
    :( :(

    Sad "smilies" are inadequate, I know. Sincere condolences. Pets are family.
  18. AudioDoctor's Avatar
    Poor little pup. Give the brother a hug for me.
  19. wkhanna's Avatar
    I am deeply saddened to hear of Polaris's plight.
    A tear has dropped upon my key board for you all.