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The Ill-Tempered Audiophool

It's time to fight back

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Once again, I find myself burned by purchasing high res music that ... clearly isn't.

This time it is two Neil Young DVDs, and it isn't the first time this month.

These are from Le Noise and from Chrome Dreams II, both DVDs, each of which purports to be a 24-bit, 96 kHz recording.

I bought them from The Le Noise DVD is an "amazon exclusive".

So I contributed customer images:

Le Noise

Chrome Dreams II

We don't have to just sit there and take it.
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  1. The Computer Audiophile's Avatar
    Hi Bill - I've been thinking about a separate forum section for this stuff. Similar to the fft thread but each album would have its own thread. This would make browsing and adding really easy. What do you think?
  2. wgscott's Avatar
    ... unless someone sues us.
  3. DigiPete's Avatar
    Chris, I would love to contribute to a surround section.

    So far 2L and iTrax have proved truly exceptional sounding, but I'll try to be more scientific than that :-)
  4. wgscott's Avatar

    So maybe my mistake was buying this in 2011?
  5. The Computer Audiophile's Avatar
    Hi Guys - The new forum section is up. It's titled Music Analysis - Objective & Subjective