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i decided to try something new, primarily for mental health reasons.

If someone posts something idiotic, inflammatory, and stupid (in my objective opinion), instead of pointing this out and mocking them in my usual cheerful and engaging manner, I am adding them to my ignore list.

So, if you post something like "Apple computers are overpriced junk used by computer illiterates", please know that it isn't that I am agreeing with you, or respect your opinion in the least, or that I am trying to be diplomatic. ...


  1. The Computer Audiophile's Avatar
    Your objective opinions are usually on the mark :~)
  2. orgel's Avatar
    I think this approach is probably good for one's own mental health, not to mention community mental health. It's also probably a good way of managing time spent on the forum.

    I will miss the "cheerful and engaging" stuff, though.

    (I watched Trollhunter on Blu-Ray the other day. Recommended.)

  3. AudioDoctor's Avatar
    I am sure there are a few people on that list already Bill...

    If you think this forum is bad, you are always welcome to accompany me to the County ER on any day/evening/overnight shift... ;-)
  4. jhwalker's Avatar
    I wasn't aware this forum had an "ignore" feature, since it isn't obvious (to me) in the forum presentation. But thanks to your post, I went looking for (and found) it! This is a great feature - one particularly prolific (and sanctimonious) poster was just about to get on my last nerve ;)
  5. wdw's Avatar
    I agree but wonder how many posters should be so completely disregarded..I can think of a few that were silly and tiresome but may have some kernel of truth.
    Clearly some idiot will, almost routinely, show up hunting for bear but this collective will likely just rain on the silly old fool. If we have an ignore list, it follows that the "ignored" should have the right to know the tally and , ideally, the source.
    Julf, in my opinion, is a tiresome one note pony, but I do respect his intelligence (maybe not his motives) so I'd deprive myself of that keen intelligence if I simply place him on "ignore".
    Updated 06-13-2012 at 10:12 PM by wdw