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Bowers and Wilkins Society of Sound

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When I first started out, which was about April of 2010, I bought a year subscription to the B&W Society of Sound, for about $60. After letting it lapse between April 2011 and now, I just renewed it yesterday.

In addition to two selected albums per month, you can download a bunch of stuff from their back catalogue.

The recordings are for the most part 24-bit, 48 kHz recordings. The technical quality has been quite uniformly good, even if the sampling frequency isn't really high. (I personally think 24-bit is the most important thing.)

I've also been reasonably impressed with their catalogue, and have added quite a few classical (mostly LSO) and other albums I would probably have passed over if I were purchasing them on an individual basis.

For $60, you can get your money's worth the day you join, and anything after that is just a bonus. I think it is well worth the expense.
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  1. The Computer Audiophile's Avatar
    I agree Bill.

    The moment you login there are well over $60 worth of albums to download.
  2. elcorso's Avatar
    I love it, very good recordings BTW!

    I like very much world music and new artists catalogue content also, from musicians I didn't know before.

  3. wgscott's Avatar
    After reading Julf's post, I checked the bit depth of about 43 nominally 24-bit downloads. Some came up short, notably Beethoven Symphony No. 9, and Brahms, Sym. 2/3.

    Details here:

    When is 24 bits not 24 bits?
  4. BobP63's Avatar
    I just renewed my subscription last month, disappointing to discover that here too not all is as advertised...