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The Ill-Tempered Audiophool

A bit of a break

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I think I am need of a bit of a break from here.

I enjoy a good heated discussion as much as anyone, but being repeatedly stalked in "cyber-space," having my photograph ripped off my employer's website and posted here without my permission, and being accused (falsely) of making "racist" comments against Australians (with not one shred of evidence ever offered), makes me realize my non-anonymous presence here could potentially harm my job, my personal and professional reputation, and may invite injury to my friends, family, research group, colleagues and associates. (The fact that this can happen over something as trivial as discussions about audio file checksums and the roles of measurement and scientific inquiry is troubling and bizarre.)

I've spent the last few days reflecting on this, and now realize what a pointless waste of time this has become, and how it has detracted from my enjoyment of music, family, and life in general. For awhile, I did not want to give the bullies the satisfaction of knowing they drove me away, but that really is not a compelling reason to continue.

My hope is the blog postings, if nothing else, might help a few people out. I considered deleting them, but insofar as they might have some value to Chris and the website, I don't want to do any more damage than has already been done.

Paul has previously posted the suggestion that we all use our own names. Perhaps doing so would make people think twice before they do crazy and possibly illegal stuff, if they did not think they could hide behind the cloak of anonymity. I think either that should be the case, or everyone should be anonymous.

Best wishes to everyone.


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  1. wgscott's Avatar
    Well, this was just slightly more than a year ago. Little has changed. What has changed, has changed for the worse.

    I am very grateful to Chris and all the others who are sticking up for me this time around.