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The Ill-Tempered Audiophool

Audirvana & Decibel with 64-bit plug-in

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Please note: This no longer works with the current OS version (10.9.X) and the current iTunes.

Instead, I suggest using EventScripts, described on this blog posting.

Here is an OS X pkg file to make installation easier:

New 64-bit version:

Old 32-bit version:

Here is a link to Comprehensive Instructions on my (non-commercial) wiki. It will have the most up-to-date information and links.


This is a bit half-assed and hackish, but permits me to use Apple's iPad/iPod/iPhone with Audirvana and Decibel (and presumably other players) to select and initiate playback. For further control, I then have to resort to the physical remote control device that Apple provides (or a software emulator, like the Rowmote app, as pointed out below).

What is it?

Primarily, this is a small set of unix executable shell scripts that have embedded osascript (applescript) directives. They are invoked from a hacked version of a visualizer plug-in example that comes as an optional SDK for Xcode. There are also some AppleScripts that allow you to choose to use iTunes with Audirvana, to use iTunes with Decibel, or to use iTunes by itself (or however else you normally happen to use iTunes):

If you want to turn this off, i.e, revert to canonical iTunes behavior, simply use either of the "Toggle" AppleScripts shown above, and select the button circled in red on the right:

Please feel free to make this better. I've left plenty of room for improvement.

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