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The Ill-Tempered Audiophool

Absolutely the best blog, ever

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This deserves a Nobel Prize for Literature.
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  1. wushuliu's Avatar
    That is very, very, VERY funny. She is clearly a talented writer. Lucky guy whoever he is.
  2. dallasjustice's Avatar
    This is really great! My favorite is the post about RMAF. I showed it to my wife and she loves it too.
  3. AudioDoctor's Avatar

    I think that is great, I got a few laughs out of it!
  4. wgscott's Avatar
    Not currently.
  5. AudioDoctor's Avatar
    She is in the running?
  6. wgscott's Avatar
    One is quite enough. However, Utah does have excellent National Parks.

    I do appreciate good writing, however, whether it be Mark Twain or Edward Abbey.
  7. AudioDoctor's Avatar
    and I think I would really enjoy talking with this particular woman.
  8. wgscott's Avatar
    "It is hard enough to hear the difference in new speakers, or amps, or pre-pre-pre-amps, but cables? Dude, I may look a little canine first thing in the morning, but the similarities stop there."