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  1. New Year: My Best Advice In Regards To Audio is...

    by , 01-09-2016 at 09:46 AM (The Ill-Tempered Audiophool)
    Quote Originally Posted by wgscott View Post
    Become a real audiophile

    (1) Choose an audio file format (24/480, DSD-HQX, GCQ-WTF, etc.) and be a total dick about it and refuse to listen to any music not available in your chosen format.

    (2) Make at least one claim that involves a palpably absurd physical impossibility, post this claim in every thread on every audio forum website, and develop a huge persecution complex whenever the people you relentlessly stalk have the temerity to call your claim into question.
  2. Review: iXsystems FreeNAS Mini: A Plug-and-Play ZFS NAS that doesn't suck to set up.

    by , 01-07-2016 at 04:26 PM (The Ill-Tempered Audiophool)
    Like many here, I try to keep computer audio simple. My music library resides on a single external bus-powered Oyen firewire drive. Until recently, this was a 1TB Samsung HDD. I've now replaced it with a 1TB SSD, but what is of relevance here is what happened after about three years of constant, daily use. Like many drives (HHD and SSD), it started to fail. However, it wasn't obvious to me, at first, that the hardware was failing. I am still not certain. When I copied the contents of the ...

    Updated 01-07-2016 at 07:44 PM by wgscott

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  3. iTunes "Album Artist" tag, classical music, and filesystem hierarchy

    by , 09-14-2015 at 12:20 PM (The Ill-Tempered Audiophool)
    Quote Originally Posted by wgscott View Post
    I let iTunes organize my music library. (In the "advanced" preference window, you can choose to let iTunes do this, or you can choose to do it manually. Manual seems too much like work, but I hate that I cannot customize how iTunes organizes things).

    iTunes serves many functions, much to many people's annoyance. It is a bloated monstrosity, and gets more annoying and controlling and arbitrary by the year. But like any disfunctional relationship, ...
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  4. How to tame iTunes 12.2

    by , 07-10-2015 at 02:24 AM (The Ill-Tempered Audiophool)
    The following settings help to hide some of the more annoying "features":

    Uncheck Apple Music (if you don't want to use the streaming service) and iCloud Music Library (unless you use it). (iTunes Preferences > General)

  5. My wife finds my Wall of Sound entirely inadequate and un-involving

    by , 07-06-2015 at 02:24 PM (The Ill-Tempered Audiophool)
    After about 20 years of snide comments and sneering dismissal, I dragged the wifey to see the remains of the Dead last Sunday (last week, in Santa Clara, CA). As they were tuning up, she asked me if it had started. I replied that it was about to, and it would be rather unambiguous. They kicked in about 20 minutes behind schedule with "Feel Like a Stranger" and about 79,999 of the approximately 80,000 in attendance of the 50th anniversary of the band that never had a hit were instantly ...
  6. A bit of a break

    by , 03-04-2015 at 04:08 PM (The Ill-Tempered Audiophool)
    I think I am need of a bit of a break from here.

    I enjoy a good heated discussion as much as anyone, but being repeatedly stalked in "cyber-space," having my photograph ripped off my employer's website and posted here without my permission, and being accused (falsely) of making "racist" comments against Australians (with not one shred of evidence ever offered), makes me realize my non-anonymous presence here could potentially harm my job, my personal and professional ...
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  7. Apple TV as a poor-man's Sonos system

    by , 12-27-2014 at 06:35 PM (The Ill-Tempered Audiophool)
    There are (at least) three ways one can use an Apple TV to play music:

    (1) Airplay streaming from a computer, iPod, iPhone, etc. This works in pretty much the same way as airplay to an Airport Express, or some airplay-enabled speakers like the Zeppelin Air. The streaming is done close to real-time, with a player application (like iTunes, or the player software on an iPhone) controlling it. (Recent versions of OS X with the right hardware can do this from the operating system level, ...
  8. An absolute beginner's guide to seting up computer audio on Apple OS X, Part II

    by , 12-21-2014 at 04:07 PM (The Ill-Tempered Audiophool)
    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post
    Hi Bill,

    Well done on your blog, which I thought was concise and easy to follow. I've recently completed an iTunes instruction guide for friends and have included a couple of items below that you may or may not think are worth including in your blog. It would be nice if we could have all this in one place so please feel free to cut and paste as you see fit.


    Many Laptops (and some older desktops)
  9. Absolute beginner's guide to using Apple's OS X for computer audio, the easy way

    by , 12-18-2014 at 04:25 PM (The Ill-Tempered Audiophool)

    Before you Start ...

    Take a look at the well-hidden Computer Audiophile Academy: Basics


    There is a lot of mythology surrounding computer audio. This is too bad, because it is very simple to do. Take a look around any community college campus; almost every student is using computer audio without any fanfare, either directly via their iPhone (or iPod), via their computer, or via some sort of streaming

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  10. Puddletag on OS X

    by , 10-16-2014 at 01:33 PM (The Ill-Tempered Audiophool)
    Puddletag was developed for Linux, but it is easily ported to OS X. I made a fink package that enables you to install it automatically. If you have fink installed, simply issue the command

    fink selfupdate
    fink -y install puddletag
    or, if you want to do this quickly with precompiled debian packages,

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
    sudo apt-get install puddletag
    and Bob's your uncle.

    If ...

    Updated 05-21-2015 at 06:40 PM by wgscott (makes it easier)

  11. Remote Control Part VII: Logitech's Harmony Smart Control physical remote, keyboard, and iOS app

    by , 08-06-2014 at 02:09 PM (The Ill-Tempered Audiophool)
    I'm playing with a new remote control setup, the Logitech Harmony Smart Control system.

    I initially purchased the system with the physical remote:

    It lists for $130, but Logitech periodically drops the price to $99, so it is worth holding out (as I did) until the next time it goes on sale.

    You can also buy it with an integrated keyboard/scrollpad instead:


    Updated 08-08-2014 at 08:19 PM by wgscott

  12. Write-protect your iTunes library to avoid accidental deletion or damage

    by , 07-17-2014 at 12:47 PM (The Ill-Tempered Audiophool)
    Here are two AppleScripts that turn write-protection on and off for your music library. If you want to add or edit stuff, run the script ResetWriteProtectMusic. If you want to protect your music files from accidental alteration or deletion, run the script WriteProtectMusic. These can be placed in the user's ~/Library/iTunes/Scripts directory, and they appear in the iTunes script menu item (here as the bottom two entries):

    Name:  menu_iTunes_Scripts.png
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    The AppleScripts ...

    Updated 10-17-2015 at 12:43 AM by wgscott

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  13. Remote Control Part VI: Use iTunes on one computer to control Audirvana Plus, Decibel, or other player software on another

    by , 06-10-2014 at 07:03 PM (The Ill-Tempered Audiophool)
    How to use iTunes on one computer to control Audirvana Plus or other third-party player software on another computer

    I'm experimenting with using iTunes as a remote-control interface. It has always kind of bothered me that there is no desktop-based version of Apple's (like the one on my iPad I can use with Bob Stern's script to control Audirvana). I found a way to trick iTunes into doing this for me, using a simple zsh shell script that you can obtain from this link: ...

    Updated 06-12-2014 at 12:34 PM by wgscott

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  14. Controlling Audirvana in Stand-Alone Mode with iTunes and

    by , 03-07-2014 at 12:51 PM (The Ill-Tempered Audiophool)
    I had been using Audirvana in iTunes-integrated mode since it became available, but have now returned to using it in stand-alone mode because the integrated mode is incompatible with Dirac room-correction software.

    In the time that I have been using Audirvana in integrated mode, the plug-in that I hacked together (with considerable help from Bob Stern) stopped working; it is incompatible with the latest iTunes and/or OS, and I haven't been able to fix it.

    I found a ...

    Updated 03-07-2014 at 01:43 PM by wgscott

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  15. Remote Control Part V: EventScripts and its companion free iOS app

    by , 02-09-2014 at 10:28 AM (The Ill-Tempered Audiophool)
    I just got an application called EventScripts and its companion free iOS app. It has quite a bit of functionality. The two I instantly made use of are (1) the trigger function, so it can execute an Applescript or shell script in response to an event (eg: starting playback in iTunes), and (2) the iOS remote functionality, which gives you a simple interface to run any Applescript or shell script remotely, eg:


    There is a lot more to this, ...

    Updated 03-07-2014 at 11:02 AM by wgscott

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