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Locating the Speakers

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So I've finally gotten around to locating the speakers and came up with some interesting results:

1) All locations had their deepest nulls at 100Hz, ranging from -7dB to -24dB.

2) All locations had their highest peak at 125Hz, ranging from +4dB to +8dB.

3) Secondary nulls were consistently at 160Hz and followed by secondary peaks at 200Hz.

The location that I've settled on for now is 35* off axis and puts the tweeters 40" from the back of my chair and 37" from each other. They're set up to fire about a foot behind my head when seated and raked back on a pair of Auralex MoPads so that their driver's fire at my ears at a comfortable seating height.

This position yields the second-best bass response +/-8dB from 50Hz to 400Hz versus the +7/-14dB results that I measured from where I had my speakers before I started this whole thing.

I've decided to spend some time with this setup as I read more and look further into REW.

My gut, or ears, are still telling my that the soundstage isn't quite to my liking and I'm still definitely hearing a good amount of the room.

On that last point, I've been going round and round and round as to how to treat for bass and FRP in a DIY fashion. I'm limited to treating the front of the room where the speakers are as far as bass trapping goes so I'm pretty sure that I'm going to install some "SuperChunks" in the front two corners and then a wall-to-wall soffit trap of 16" x 16" x 10'. The superchunks would run from the floor to the bottom of the soffit trap. Then the plan would be to treat the wall behind the speakers along with the first reflection points on the sides with portable traps, mounts a cloud trap at that FRP and possible use another portable panel somewhere behind the listening position.

With winter in full swing the project of building those may have to wait until spring but we'll see. Either way I'll be using the time doing more research, possibly more measurements, and getting to better "know" the current setup.

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