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Warning on Chesky Records Issue

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I purchased some discs from Chesky Records in September and received no product.They did however remember to debit my credit card.I have been unable to contact them as all their email addresses bounce back.I have found a few others that have had a similar experience.Are there any users on Computer Audiophile that have had the same problem?
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  1. barrows's Avatar
    had any problems purchasing direct from Chesky.

    I would suggest actually making contact with them before accusing them of attempting to "scam" you. E-mails often get lost in transit or spam. Get a phone number and give them a call.
  2. gcorley's Avatar
    I too have never had any problems receiving my purchases and had my (1) e-mail promptly replied to when I had an issue. As Barrows stated above, you might want to reconsider labeling your difficulty as a scam ...
  3. DarkHelmet's Avatar
    and same dance as you... the charges have hit the card for one of two disks but no shipping notice and my emails asking status just bounce.

    There's gotta be an audio joke in here somewhere... "David, can you 'hear' us?"
  4. Vvd's Avatar
    Thank you for your comments.I have tried multiple times to email them at the address they provided with my order, as well the info@chesky adress and I have also completed their enquiry form online multiple times.All emails are rejected or bounce.I have also edited the topic as suggested.
  5. The Computer Audiophile's Avatar
    I notified Chesky. The company is aware of this thread.
  6. barrows's Avatar
    That it will often appear that your credit card has been charged, when the finds have actually not been charged. Yes, it can be confusing. Many mail order companies use software which checks the credit card account for fund availability, but does not actually charge the card until the items ship. So if the order has been entered in the system, but does not ship due to stock issues, it may appear in your credit card records as if you have been charged when you really have not.

    It is poor business practice (and illegal in some states) for your credit card to actually be debited before the item(s) ship.
  7. Vvd's Avatar
    Thank you very much, I appreciate that.I am sure they will respond now and resolve the issue.
  8. Vvd's Avatar
    Thank you for your info on credit card practices in the USA.

    In this case the money was physically drawn from the card more than a month ago.

    I suspect this will be resolved soon due to the reaction on this site.
  9. DarkHelmet's Avatar
    I ask because I have called twice (the ph number on my credit card statement)... oh yes Mr Hudson, we'll investigate and call you back."

    And nothing... no call, no product, no nothing.
  10. Vvd's Avatar
    Hi There DH, still no response from Chesky records.Emails still bounce back and I have been unable to reach anybody on the phone.Money still out of my bank account, have lodged a fraud dispute with my bank, however they are unable to contact Chesky as well.What a disgrace.I can not believe Chesky have not even bothered to respond.
  11. squarebab's Avatar
    I made an online purchase from Chesky five weeks ago. I received an email confirmation, and a week later my credit card was billed; and the wrong amount at that! I still have not received my order, and all my attempts at contacting them have failed. My email inquiries are rejected by their server because their account is "overquota". They have not responded to any of my phone messages, either. Have they gone out of business?
  12. squarebab's Avatar
    After several more attempts to contact someone at Chesky I spoke to an understanding person who not only corrected my order problem, but also sent me an extra recording gratis for my trouble. I ordered a couple of 192/24 Studio Master recordings just to experience a true hi-res source.
  13. comeelec's Avatar
    What happen with chesky records?I made an order last month and after some call with Lisa still i don`t received the DVD.Any advice to get what i bought.I had this company in a pedestal.But you should be careful when you buy here.
  14. comeelec's Avatar
    I have to open a dispute and a claim in Paypal to get my money back.No communication from Chesky.Be carefully with Chesky Records.
  15. bswietlik's Avatar
    Here it is February 2014 and I am having the same sad experience with Chesky Records as was reported over two years ago. On Dec. 10, 2013, I placed an order for 6 SACDs. By the end of December, even though my credit card was charged the full amount, nothing had arrived. After three emails and three phone calls- talking with Lisa each time, Chesky finally sent five of the six SACDs I ordered a month later. Still being charged the full amount, the sixth SACD was still missing, and still is, two months later -- and after calling Lisa twice about the final missing SACD - and getting promises that it would be sent. I have asked for the missing SACD one last time, and have contested the payment to Chesky Records with my credit card. Never again will I do business with Chesky Records given this sad experience!