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Burson HD HA-160D - Amazing-

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Finally I've pulled the trigger and bought Burson HA-160D, OH-MY, This small little peace of Art from Burson is making my speakers (B&W 603 S3's) & Amp, sing like never before. currently I'm using it with my NAD C372 Integrated, and using MacBook 2Ghz/2GB via USB cable supplied by Burson. and my music preference is Female-Vocals, Classical. Musicality, & Jazz,


My Quest has Began, hence I'm here to seek your expertise and help with the following:

1. What USB cable to buy?

2. How can I use my Mac book via optical out? what cable and Toslink converter?
2a which cable will give me Hi-Rez quality? 96? 384? etc.

3. after trying some of the iTunes alternatives I liked PM and Ammra but Ammra full version is insanely high for me so may be Ammra-Junior) or any other softeare to look for, which gives similar sound like the above 2?

4. I'm using HA-160D as a CD source to my integrated amp. and turned on the volume permanently to FULL on burson. and controlling the volume of NAD by Nad's remote control,
now my question is -- will this in any way damage the burson, and is this a good idea to use it like this in a long run? using burson as a PRE is not an option for me for now with current amp.

5. Best ripping method for hi-res. (Preferably using Mac, but if any other solution is also fine)

6. Now, last but not the least. which headphones? I know there are many out there from cheap to expensive so I'm confused, and my budget is not that high in between $500 to 550 USD. keeping my music preferences mentioned above.

7. any one out there using the Burson HA-160D with Power Amp or Integtrated Amp? what is the best Integrated-Amp/Power-Amp that suits this if used HA-160D as a Pre.

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  2. hifitubes's Avatar
    With regard to headphones, try to check what impedance would be a good match for the Burson. Head-Fi is a good resource. I would think you could do with some Sennheiser HD650 or AKG702, both regarded as great phones but double-check on their compatibility.
  3. shum3s's Avatar
    Over a year ago I replaced my highly regarded CJ preamp which cost four times more; because to my ears it held it's own against the CJ. The Burson is connected to a pair of Forte ( older Pass design) class A amps,they make wonderful music togethere.

    I think the USB implementation sounds really good, but I use the Halidel Bridge to play 88.2 files form a PC.

    The Burson have two input jacks on the front panel to accomdate either high or low impedance. I have not experimented using headphones at this time, but will in the near future.
  4. TimArruda's Avatar
    I originally bought my HA-160D just for use as a headphone amp. I have a pair of Audez'e LCD-2's to go along with it and it is a fabulous combination. I realize that they are over budget for you. How about Hifiman HE-400's, or HE-500's? Both seem to be well reviewed. I would check out for suggestions. I guarantee you'll get more suggestions/information than you may want. :)

    As time went by, my wife wanted to listen as well so I started doing some research. My budget was ~1500 for both amp and speakers. In the end, I used my HA-160D as a Pre, and that goes out to an Emotiva UPA-2. It is no longer made, and was on clearance when I bought it. I have a pair of Ascend Acoustics Sierra-1's hooked up to the Emotiva. The majority of that budget went to the Sierra-1's. The UPA-2 had some great reviews (don't they all I suppose?) and I believe on clearance it was something like $300. The end result is I'm very happy with my system.

    I have no idea what the best Integrated or Power amp may be to go with the HA-160D. I would be willing to bet that there are endless combinations of power amps and speakers that would sound great with your HA-160D.

    Like you I'm using my Macbook Pro, iTunes/Pure Music via USB to the HA-160D. This maxes out at 24/96 but that is not a problem for me. The vast majority of my digital music is redbook, and I have some 24/96 and 24/88. One of the things that I *don't* like about the HA-160D is that it does not natively support 24/88. So I have Pure Music set up to re-sample that to 24/96. Would it sound better natively at 24/88? Sure is possible I suppose, but it sounds damn good as is. Regarding USB cables, I don't know what to tell you. I'm using the cheapo cable that came with the HA-160D. And I use Blue Jean Cables as interconnects and speaker cable as well. I'm not saying spending more doesn't make a difference. For me, I made the decision to spend on more music instead of upgraded cabling.

  5. plakey's Avatar
    My understanding is that the Bursons do not do 88.2?

    I am interested in the DAC/Pre version but this is a little disappointing.
  6. plakey's Avatar
    How does the Halide Bridge help with 88.2? I would be going out from a Squeezebox Touch or an Auraliti server.