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How Notepad Provides Thoughts to Flow and Clutter to Go

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I like to refer to myself as a proficient typer, but I by no means can keep up with my brain. Realistically, I would say that I am capable of typing 80 words per minute with about 85-90 percent accuracy; however, my brain works more rapidly than that. Over the years, one thing that I have found to be particularly frustrating is when typing letters, documents for seminars, or speeches, Microsoft Word can be incredibly cumbersome with all of its auto correcting, spell checking, formatting and paragraphing – it seems overly complicated. For those who have a relatively short attention span, like me, the feedback Microsoft Word gives can be distracting to one’s thought process.

A couple years ago, I started typing all documents in Notepad. Although Notepad’s formatting is not the best, it allows for thoughts to flow effortlessly and reduces clutter to provide efficiency. Notepad helps declutter your thoughts because it does not distract you with pop-ups, like when using Microsoft Word. So, why does it continue to be underutilized?

I continue to notice that people who use Microsoft Word on a regular basis write differently than they speak. If you haven’t used Notepad in a while, give it a try; try not to focus on proper grammar, sentence structure, speeches, seminars, or lectures. Try writing in a natural speaking form and I am certain you will find Notepad to be valuable. I wouldn’t recommend publishing something written in Notepad, but I would recommend taking what was typed in Notepad and pasting it into a Word document – that way, you are able to go through additions and revisions that need to be made. Conversational approaches to writing, while using Notepad, provide for a much higher quality output. It helps from a performance perspective because I am able to spend less time worrying about formatting, punctuation, or spelling, and spend more time on content.

Tips for using Notepad:
· To access Notepad on your computer, begin my hitting the ‘start’ button
· If you have Windows 7 or Vista, type Notepad in the search box, hit ‘enter’ and it will pop up
· If you’re still running Windows XP or something older, hit the ‘start’ button, hit ‘run’ and type in Notepad
· You also can find Notepad on your computer by clicking ‘start’, then ‘Accessories’

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  1. esldude's Avatar
    Typically on a windows machine I do as you suggest and have for years by using notepad or wordpad. And for the same reasons. Also, if you wish you can turn most all of the irritating things in Word off.

    Another thing I have done when I do want a bit more choices formatting, and do want less invasive spell checking is use a free open source word processor called Abiword. You can get it for Linux, Apple and Windows machines. It is a good in between choice when basic notepad isn't quite good enough, but you still don't want the full blown Word.

    I have been typing regularly for so long (35 years) if you count old typewriters, that I have a different mindset while doing it. I don't speak like I type, and don't take handwritten notes quite like either. Typing is a bit slower than I think (I think), but is close enough to second nature I seem to organize my thoughts a bit more coherently apparently making use of the delays. I sometimes will type things out in a note to myself just to layout how I am thinking on something rather complicated. No use for the note other than to read it back to myself and see how much sense it makes.

    Don't know if you have used any of the "mind-mapping software". I seem to use typing in a sense like that at times. Some swear by it, maybe I am just too far along in life to make use of it. Sounds like a good idea, and I have tried several. But they seem more trouble than they are worth to me vs typing(and drawing on paper).
  2. The Computer Audiophile's Avatar
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