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Easy covers for your cd / dvd based backups

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Just throwing this out there.

I've gone with using cd-r and dvd-r to back up my music download purchases. No particular reason other than I like them fixed and offline, unlike (some?) hard disk backup methods. But I also like them to look pretty, so I came up with a template to print out covers on my desktop printer, using standard paper and not requiring glue, double sided tape or surgical scalpel skills to assemble.

You will need:

1. Some enthusiasm for origami (you'll either find this fun and relaxing or incredibly frustrating - you have been warned!)

2. A cover image, preferably cropped to exact square, and possibly in pdf format depending on which template file you use (most music downloads include an image that is perfect for the job as it is, but will often be jpeg so will need to be exported / res-saved as pdf). Apple's Preview will do the conversion (File.. Export.. from the menu), and I expect several cheap or free Windows programs can also do so.

Download links:

For US Letter size paper (8.5 x 11 inches):

For European A4 size paper (210 x 297 mm):

What they look like

(the scalpel is mainly for dramatic effect, though the blunt end of the handle can be ermmm... 'handy' for pre creasing your folds if you want to be super-accurate, as would be a blunt knife or letter opener)

How to use
If you are going to use the templates labelled as Illustrator or Photoshop, you don't probably won't need my advice on using the respective programs. You are welcome to change / adapt / distribute the templates in any way you wish.

If you are using the template labelled Acrobat: First I recommend you try using Adobe Reader to open them. Other pdf readers (eg Apple's Preview) may or may not fully understand the editing permissions within the file, although it will likely do no harm to the file if you want to try them.
Adobe - Adobe Reader download - All versions
Click on the "Artist Album Filetype" text and key in your own choice of information, and click on the blue square labelled "Cover" to bring up a dialog to choose your cover art (remember it should also be in pdf format, see above). You will be able to save your edited version. Probably best to also make the printout from Adobe Reader as well, sometimes other programs will not print out the form fields (ie your added text).

Top tips for origami
Don't try to create really sharp creases, they will tear the paper, if you can try and make a more rounded fold. Plain photocopy weight paper is easier to work with than the thicker specialist photo papers. Also (as stated above) a blunt knife or similar can help to create creases to help with the folding.

If you are an eeeevil pirate planning your next car boot sale escapade
Not for you! If you insist on using these to try and legitimise your bootlegs, please first report to your local police (preferably in full pirate costume) and have your parrot discuss the matter with the desk sergeant. Also please upload a video copy of the conversation to youtube for our general amusement.
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