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Amarra 2.6 and iRC has been released

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I found a statement from Amarra:

Amarra Symphony SQ
This thread is about Amarra 2.6 and iRC,

Hi Richard,
again I need some advice. I thought to improve my measurement quality by positioning the mic positions even more accurate and I used higher volume during the measurement (in the middle of the green field in step3 of the measurement) and produced a second set of filter.
Unfortunately this filter produce a lot of distortion in the speaker (mainly in the bass and lower mid frequencies) and the meter in Amarra is in the deep RED until I switch iRC gain to "-1". The sound image is wrong as well, the singer comes from the right speaker in iRC "on" but from the center between the speaker in "off" position as I´m used to it.
I can reproduce this with all albums.
My first filter still sounds ok.



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    Hello, simplon,

    Sorry you are having problems with filter 2 or with your second measurements. You left a lot of information out which if supplied would be interesting to know. Perhaps just focusing on what you did provide would be the best for the moment. But I do not know or recall if you made me aware, what microphone you use and what it is mounted on. What iRC position you chose, i.e., chair, sofa etc.

    The simplest explanation is usually the best. Follow the tutorial, fellow the steps recommended in the User Manual, and it may become obvious that you consciously chose to ignore certain caveats. You also did mention at what K you set your Dac, if that was what you are using. Obviously, I do not recall any details about your system.

    Here's what I would recommend. Even if you know the steps, please review them and keep in mind what you chose to do differently. 48K is recommended. Sound levels are very important. The overall distance between outer measurements should not be closer than 1 meter (3 feet).

    My first measurements produced a bass anomaly and SQ that was suspect. My second set of measurements, I was very careful to follow the recommendations. I chose the chair. Made sure the outer measurements were at least the 3 feet separation recommended. Made sure the first measurement is the center measurement at the proper position.

    I intend to take a third measurement using the sofa position, which has been recommended in a review and by Flavio at the thread at CA. Are you aware of that thread? Flavio is affiliated with Dirac SE, so he may be a much better resource than I. I am not suggesting you not contact me, just calling your attention to what may serve you best. Always willing to help and be of service. Please let me know what results.

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