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Audirvana playing DSD files w/o DSD-capable DAC. What gives?

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Hi All,
I'm downloading some DSD files in anticipation of my new Benchmark DAC2 HGC. The thing is, I downloaded the files and they started playing in my current setup which includes the Musical Fidelity M1DAC, which IS NOT DSD CAPABLE. I look for some type of conversion in the software (Audirvana) and don't see any. The files sound great (Blue Coast Records-probably great source material), but I know it's not a true DSD playback. What am I getting? By the way, both the readout of Audirvana and the M1DAC say 88.2 kHz.

I'll post my impressions of the Benchmark when I receive it. I'll have to figure out if DSD playback is worth it. If not, I may reach deeper into my wallet and get the Berkeley.


  1. The Computer Audiophile's Avatar
    Hi rob - You likely have auto detection enabled within Audirvana. This will convert DSD to PCM if your DAC can't decode DSD. In the images below you can see Native DSD set to Automatic. Also check the left and right side of your Audirvana window. Where my window says AAC (256Kbps) 16/44.1 kHz your window should say DSD64 or similar and where my window says DAC: 24/44.1 kHz yours should say DAC: 24/88.2 kHz.

  2. runrob1258's Avatar
    Thanks Cris. About 10 minutes after I posted this entry, I found the DSD conversion tab.

    I'm looking forward to getting my Benchmark to hear what true DSD encoded music sounds like. I was at the RMAF and heard some DSD tunes through the Cavalli Liquid Fire headphone amp. It sounded great.

    Thanks again.