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RJ Kamsma

Mytek new dac Brooklyn.

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There is so much in audio (and not only in audio) that we can't explain, or only can make up some sort of dubious technical explanation for, it's sheer incredible.

Robert-Jan Kamstra was here today, and he was so kind to come with his Windows laptop (huge as it is), and update my Brooklyn with the MQA activation. NICE! GREAT! THANKS! I don't mean MQA, but Robert-Jan.

MQA will be the next item to consider here. I have one bought album from 2L and some (not all) free downloads, and will try to see/hear for myself if it was worth waiting for.

But now it's time to go to the kitchen.

It is Kamsma not Kamstra ;-)

There is new verwoon of the manual 1.3

To be able to manipulate the filter settings of PCM one must first disable MQA otherwise the default of minimum phase remains on.


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    O dear spelling control there is new version not verwoon of course sorry.