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FLAC Files on Portable Hard Disc 1TB

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Without using a computer how can I play the flac files on say an audio system by plugging the Hard disc into the usb port.
Is this possible at all please, and any limitations, ideas?


  1. assodes's Avatar
    I ripped my CDs to apple lossless and copied to several 1TB WD drives. I use a Squeezebox Touch to play on both of my pretty high end systems. It works perfectly and sounds great.
  2. hdcase's Avatar
    I listen to flac files I've ripped on an old Oppo BDP-93. The user interface for selecting songs is mildly crude but the sound quality is excellent.
  3. rob_bounce's Avatar
    The Oppo BD-Player 103 & 105 can play any Audio-Files from a USB-Stick or USB-Hdd :)
    You can handle it with the Oppo-App on iTunes and Android Devices.

    Regards from good old Germany