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My digital disquisition

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I've been an audiophile for about 22 years, give or take. I've worked my way up to a wonderful system. It's a bit long in the tooth, the amp and preamp being 15 years old. My analog front end is 10 years old and amazing. My digital front end is decidedly lacking, so I've been dipping my toes into this and I find Computer Audiophile an amazing resource. I also have a small office set up which is proving to be quite lovely in it's own right, although nowhere near the experience of my analog system.

I may be tipping my hat here, but I've not found any digital solution yet to compete with my analog. To my ears, and those who've listened to my system, there is no comparison. But I'm on my way to finding a nice solution for the future. And, for those so interested, I'll put my thoughts and findings in this blog.

Thanks for reading!
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