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Paul R

The Amazing Mystery of the Moon

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I am sure we have all witnessed the rising of a full moon. What is a mystery and amazing is how the moon changes size. From the time the moon first pokes over the very edge of the horizon until it is higher in the sky there is at least a 3 to 1 if not a 4 to 1 size difference. And while this is observed by billions of people no one can explain it.

How can the size of the moon possibly change? And why only the moon? What is uniquely special about it?
Ahhh- this is uite worth writing an essay about, given the humorous spirit t was posted in. Will hqve to write ine now that I accidentally blogged it... Later.


  1. dav1dd's Avatar
    It's an illusion. It only looks smaller up high because the sky dwarfs it, whereas the trees, buildings etc down low make it seem bigger.