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Paul R

  1. The Amazing Mystery of the Moon

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    I am sure we have all witnessed the rising of a full moon. What is a mystery and amazing is how the moon changes size. From the time the moon first pokes over the very edge of the horizon until it is higher in the sky there is at least a 3 to 1 if not a 4 to 1 size difference. And while this is observed by billions of people no one can explain it.

    How can the size of the moon possibly change? And why only the moon? What is uniquely special about it?
    Ahhh- this is ...
  2. Very basic home networking question.

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    Speak of the devil.

    I think the primary reason is the phone is using the ethernet jack as its power supply instead of a wall wart. This way, when a fire (in a chemistry department, a significant concern) takes out the power, I can't call 911, and also precludes a conventional ethernet switch. This is called progress.
    Comon now- actually your phone will probably stay up during a power outage, because the switches should be on a UPS designed to stay up ...
  3. Audio Evolution 2013 - Part 1.5 Update

    It takes significant time to really study and learn any audio product, at least it does for me. So I have been venturing into the world of tubes seeking a particular sound that is very enjoyable to me. And of course, I have been trying to do so on the cheap. I would not be me if I did not at least try!

    Try#1 - Audio by Van Alstine Transcendence DAC8. Picked up relatively inexpensively on Audiogon, and figured, why not? This is a big box, easily identified as "craftsman" work ...
  4. Audio Evolution 2013 - Part One. My take on Audiophilia

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Name:	imgres.jpg 
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ID:	4385I finally admitted to myself how much I hate spending money.

    Truly, I make Scrooge McDuck look like a spend thrift. Yet high quality, good sounding, gear costs a lot of money. A conundrum! A rock and a hard place! A Catch-22!

    A darned nuisance.

    I want the very best sound I can get while spending the least amount of money I can, and ending up with something that I am proud of.

  5. Macbook Died - Long Live the Mac Mini

    I replaced a dying Macbook today with a brand new Mac Mini, stock from the Apple store. Sounds great, no kidding!

    Just running straight iTunes for now, and enjoying the vast improvement in sound quality! I was considering building one of the new C.A.P.S. servers, but decided I didn't want to wait a few more weeks till all the versions of the new C.A.P.S. servers are published. Not at all sorry - zero buyer regret.

    Now just waiting to see J. River publish on the Mac. Might ...
  6. First Blog - perfect storm of bad choices on my part!

    You know how they always say every dark cloud has a silver lining? Well, I guess it must be true, because an unfriendly cloud seems to have visited our domicile this past few weeks, but there is a great silver lining to it. First, the storm...

    Here I was a very happy man, with great equipment, lots of music, and no urge to upgrade or change anything. Well, until I got a too good to be true offer for a Wavelength Cosecant DAC. To fund that purchase, it was advantageous to sell my ...

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