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RMAF 2011: Getting Ready

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RMAF is the mother of all of the regional audio shows. While CES is (supposedly) for dealers and media, RMAF is all about is, the consumer. Which makes it more than a little awesome. And given how popular it (and audio shows generally) has become, it's also a little bit huge.


I remember last year, my first show. It was an exhausting 2 and a half days. I remember getting prepped. I had a new iPad -- I was going to take notes on every room. I had my camera -- I was going to take dozens of pics in every room. I had music, both CDs and a memory stick, and I was going play the same damn tracks on every system I could. I was going work the show, baby.

That lasted until lunch time on Saturday, about halfway through the show until I was toast. Total overload. Everything started blurring together and then, suddenly, I was leaving Denver.

This year, its going to be different. Yeah, sure it is.

This year, I'm still taking my iPad -- but this time, it's for Netflix whenever I feel like chilling out. I'm taking a camera -- and for sure, I'll be snapping shots everywhere I go. And yeah, I'm also taking music for the systems that warrant it. But I'm not going to go nuts. This year, I'm actually gonna have some fun. LOL.

But I'm open to a little guidance. Got something you want me to chase down? Something you want to see or read more about? Drop me a note and I'll queue it up. I'm gonna be there for the full shindig, so hopefully I can slot it in.

I'm gonna want to check out a bunch of DACs. I've heard the best (so they say), so now it's time to hear the rest. I know at least one exhibitor will have the elusive Alpha USB in play, so I'm gonna go hunt that sucker down. I'm also gonna grab some time on dCS and Wavelength. MSB if I can find it.

I'm also planning to check out some vinyl stuff. Jeff Catalano always has a great sounding room, so I'll stop in and sweat off a few pounds in that sauna he calls a demo room (there's really no wonder why he's a skinny rail of a man). Dr Feickert may have some new stuff on display, too, who knows?

The speaker I'm most curious about? The KEF Blade. Been hearing some great things about this speaker -- time to put my ears on it. And my tongue. You know. "Full sensory" and all that.

I'm also down for the Dean Peer concert, the CA meet-and-greet on Friday, I'm going to try at least 2 seminars. I've always wanted to hear John Atkinson's speaker measurements talk and the future of high-res digital sounds good too.

But that's it. So, obviously I'm going to have a ton of time on my hands. Um, yeah. But anyway, feel free to guide me. Anything I'm missing that's hot on your list of must-see-TV?
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  1. dummy's Avatar
    Jeff Rowland new Aeris DAC, Corus pre, Model 625 amp. No idea what speakers.

    Room 1004.

    Would like to know your thoughts about the new DAC and its sound.

    Also, if Tim de Paravicini's EAR 192 DACute is showing in a room, would love to know about its sound too.