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I wish i was the guy who invented shipping and processing.

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Item Description

This auction is for the yet to be announced new product from Machina Dynamica - the Diamond Light Crystal high frequency clarifier. The Diamond Light Crystal is a 1.5 inch diameter faceted leaded crystal ball that is suspended on the wall behind the speakers. The hook should be placed 7 ft. High on the wall. Damage-free small white plastic hook provided. The crystal is specially programmed. The Diamond Light Crystal produces clearer, smoother and more natural high frequencies. Starting bid $10. Our price for the Diamond Light Crystal $39.
Comes with red thread and small hook for suspending the crystal. See photo.
We accept Paypal, check or MO.
Shipping via USPS Priority Mail, $6.


  1. wgscott's Avatar
    So it is only the $6 part of this scam that is objectionable?
  2. souptin's Avatar
    I want one of those "damage-free small white plastic" hooks. Would've been a deal breaker if they hadn't included that.

    But seriously now, what makes you think it's a scam? Have you ever tried one?
  3. wgscott's Avatar
    I should do my own blog post instead of hijacking this one ...
  4. NOMBEDES's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by wgscott
    I should do my own blog post instead of hijacking this one ...

    You are forgiven if you send me a plastic hook for my new crystal. The one they sent broke.