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My Gears ^^

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  1. King_of_Zamunda's Avatar
    I love it :)
    I can remember and old topic of yours about your audio-pc where someone criticized you about b&ws.
    I can see you bought a pair of ATC. Nice choice, I have a pair of scm40 active and I can't find anything sounding "honest" like atc sound (in that price range).
    How do you crossover sub and loudspeakers? I have a jlaudio sub for home theater and sometime I use it for 2.0 too, but in a weird and suboptimal way.
  2. NAIDIVER's Avatar
    Hi, King of Zamunda.
    Thanks for your conment.
    Actually i'm love the B&W's sound (back to 25years ago since i've heard 801 and then the first 685) but for the next gen, it seems to be a little bit sharp, edgy sound on treble especially the latest diamond which i don't like much.
    Then i trie to find a new pair of accurate sound of mid tone. Natural and musical so... I found ATC is what i wanted ^^.

    For my sub, i just use it for adding some extra deep bass and get some more punch when i listen to rock music and that' it.

    Just add little bit, not a huge bass sound like hometheater concept.

    I'm happy with them much. ^^
  3. King_of_Zamunda's Avatar
    I'm glad you like it, there are not many "monitor sound" lovers out there, sometimes I wonder if I am a fool :D
    I'm using the sub exactly like you, at a lower volume than ht, sometimes I feel the need of it sometimes not; my atcs have low and deep bass but to be honest the sub really adds something to whatever I'm listening to.
    Anyway, I was wondering how your sub and loudspeakers are interconnected. Are you using an electrical crossover or just a twin cable setting the internal subwoofer crossover?
  4. NAIDIVER's Avatar
    I feed full range on SCM19 and sub out from my Int.amp. to sub. No crossover between them.

    ATC SIA2-150 int.amp itself has sub out with filter at 100hz.
    That is what i feed to my sub woofer.

    The reason that i like a monitor sound is i want to hear thr exact true sound which the engineer want us to hear, not other things distort it from the original.
    Another reason is i play music (drum) so i like to hear it like a real thing that i get use to ( i meant a real acoustic sound of drum especially a snare drum) ^^
  5. King_of_Zamunda's Avatar
    Nice, I couldn't remember ATC int.amp and pre have sub out, it's not a common feature.
  6. NAIDIVER's Avatar
    What gears you use in your set?
    I want to figure it out that what kind of component that match to ATCs because my friend on here ( his name is kilroy) he just bought SCM19 but he seems to be not happy with it.
    I'm so doubt... While mine just connect them together and then they're ready to go. I don''t have to change anything for fine tunning. They sounded great since in the beginning! ^^
  7. King_of_Zamunda's Avatar
    Mine weren't sounding great out of the box, they were harsh and dry. Can't be 100% sure but I recall it took them one week to open-up (24h a day playing loud continuosly some test-cds). Probably smaller drivers on yours don't need too much time to get fully working. I use diy mogami xlr/neutrik and diy belden power cords, ATC says they are insensitive to expensive hifi cables (I never tried anyway, I would like to try some good power cords).
    I have a sotm dac/pre, not the best dac in the world but I bought it used, so great value for the price and the features (I can use it in passtrough mode when I listen to multichannel). It smoothens (just a bit) higher and lower frequencies (I don't know if it is in the dac or in the pre section though, I always used it as dac/pre) wide soundstage but not very deep to my ears and in my listening room.
    I have also a pc in a streacom fanless case, with a hdplex feeding ssd, mainboard and jcat pcie card separately; it is connected to dac with a curious cable. I've just shielded cables in it but I'm going to add an Uptone Js-2, a better sata cable, sotm eabs, jcat/intona usb isolator, and some other tweaks. Music is on a qnap nas hs-210 on my lan (modem router asus ac-68u, netgear switch lps powered), I'm considering a lan-optical adapter but I feel it's like putting a small iron door to a nuclear plant (a non sense) :D
    Anyway I feel that the biggest improvement would be buying an ac regenerator, I probably will but they are expensive :(
  8. NAIDIVER's Avatar
    I think harsh and dry sound should come from pc. Pc always generate noise more than the other sources but we can handle it in many ways.

    I faced this problem too and then i figured it out step by step.

    First i changed regular power supply to linear (Teradak ATX350). It really helped. Then the power cable, i used wireworld electra silver (much more better than electra (not silver). I connected it with ac power conditioner before go to Teradak.

    For the USB card, i feed it from JS-2 and usb out to intona. But off course the noise(which caused harsh and dry)sound still exist because the noise not only come from ac line but also from pc itself.
    Such as noise generated by ic/chip/cpu/ram/HDD or any spin drives. Once the pc run at high frequency, they create more noise and they also consume more power which create more noise too.

    I solved this by down clock cpu and ram speed to 800mhz. It reduces noise and sound mellower. Ram timing and latency to 9-9-9-21. In this setup, they will consume less power which means noise will be reduced as well.

    The OS is something which most people look upon it while it is one of the noise maker
    because OS is not an audio dedicated software. It is designed for general purpose. It does a lot of things which are not involve with audio.

    I solved it by using Wins2012R2+Audiophile Optimizer to trim down things that are not concern to audio

    but the point of using it is not only those thing. You can hear a significant improvement when you use Audiophile Optimizer to switch 2012 into core mode only

    and now you will know that it's not only a pc that sounds great but it is a real audiophile source.
    Another software which i can't live without it is Fidelizer Pro.

    Another thing is software optimized.
    I found that every parameters on HQ Player are effect to the sound. I have to try all of them to find the best that match my component. JPLAY as well.
    (I play music via Hq p by using JPLAY ASIO)

    For my DAC, Mytek Brooklyn, latency and buffer can be adjusted. They mean to me a lot because the right adjustment can take the sound to another step.

    I think you should try to fix those things first and you will found Wow! from your STCs. ^^

    Good luck, my friend.
  9. King_of_Zamunda's Avatar
    Thank you NAIDIVER, very welcome advice although I knew these things and I still have to try different cpu and ram values (very system dependant).
    Anyway my loudspeakers sound good now, they were harsh and dry just out of the box (one year ago), I told you because of your friend's dissatisfaction, maybe his louspeakers have to finish breaking-in.
  10. NAIDIVER's Avatar
    Ohh.. Sorry. I misunderstood.
    Please forgive me. V_v,
  11. King_of_Zamunda's Avatar
    No problem NAIDIVER, nothing to be forgive for :)
    Anyway, do you think win server is better that win 10? Previews of win server 2016 are out, did you try it? Someone says it combines the audio qualities of win10 and server2012.
  12. NAIDIVER's Avatar
    Wow! interesting!
    I've tried them both (wins10/2012R2). Wins10 is awesome. Sounds sweeter and a little bit more colorful than Wins2012R2. but It can't be quieter and mellower than 2012 when it is in core mode.
    If wins2016 is something like wins10+2012. That's wonderful!!!
  13. King_of_Zamunda's Avatar
    Yes exactly, but I will wait for a final version. If you go with the previews I think you have to uninstall and reinstall for every new version.