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Postulate to ECM Records - for high resolution reissues

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After Keith Jarrett remasters release of vinyl pearls in high resolution download and its extraordinary sound quality I thought that maybe we could try to persuade ECM Records to reissue some of the stunning albums they have, not only those initially released on vinyl, but also others which could potentially improves if Jan or other experienced mastering engineer put its hand on it driven by Manfred's approval.

My choices are:
1. Kenny Wheeler- The Widow In The Window and Deer Wan
2. Mick Goodrick; John Surman; Eddie Gomez; Jack DeJohnette - In Pas(s)ing
3. Peter Erskine - As It Is
4. Arild Andersen - If You Look Far Enough
5. John Abercrombie Quartet - Arcade

Some of them already sound good in redbook, but maybe the sound could be improved to even better level. What do you think, your suggestions?