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Lyn Stanley Poitions download - files will be recreated.

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Hello guys,
First I'd like to thank you very much for Cookie and Lyn to care of me and additional work they did to resolve the issue and explain to me what happened. They service to customers is EXTRAORDINARY!

Here is a part of Cookie's respond:

"We are creating all new files after testing numerous converters. We have now chosen the one that most closely reflects the original mastered sound with regard to our ears and the meters. We have incorporated your tool as part of our work, although, it does not represent the phase issues that we can audibly hear.

Our plan is to issue everyone, including yourself, new files of Lyn Stanley's music during the week, replace all current files and offer our customers a chance to respond as to which conversion they prefer.

HIgh Resolution audio is in its infancy. I believe we are on the forefront of providing the most accurate files possible. It is quite difficult. I don't believe any other company has done the kind of listening tests we have done or answered to our customers in the way we do. We appreciate our customer's input (like yours) and feel you are part of our team to get high resolution right.

So stay tuned and what I can say again thank you very much Lyn and Cookie. BTW, it was worth for me to buy MusicScope ;-)