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To construct top-notch, Audiophile-quality power cord without breaking the bank

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Nice article how to DIY power cable for different plugs in your equipment. I'm gonna try it on my own, but using different cable and plugs:
LAPP Kabel OLFLEX wire with 3x2.5mm conductors shielded and Shurter IEC/Bals plugs.

DIY Power Cord

Updated 10-15-2013 at 03:33 AM by mkrzych



  1. PopPop's Avatar
    That cord has been on my radar for some time. Not long ago I bought an Audioquest power cable from a local store and was a little disappointed that it didn't give me any enhancement in sound. I took it back and got a refund. This winter I'm going to order the materials from VH and try flavor two, for my Prima Luna amp. Looks like the parts could be around $100 - it's a gamble, I know but not the $400+ expenditure for the AQ. Let us know how your build turns out.

  2. One and a half's Avatar
    I like Shielded cable at the moment using Supra Lo-Rad, they sell ready made leads of different lengths.

    Main reason, it's a little more flexible and not so much of a strain than the Oyaide Tunami. I haven't noticed any difference in sound. There's no field coming from that cable.
    For plugs and sockets Oyaide or Furutech are good quality, and there's models to suit about three price ranges.

    I found it difficult to find a proper 220V rated cable with a shield as most searches favour the NEMA style plugs which are not suitable at all.
  3. mkrzych's Avatar
    Hello guys,
    Power cord building went fantastic. Take a look at my blog here: Experience from my home HiFi equipment upgrade | From my Macbook to the Net. Cable is very robust and give me much darker background in the sound. One drawback is the fact that it is rather heavy and may pulling out the plug in the equipment if not placed tied into the socket.

    In my case the whole cost for one complete cord (3m) was around 40EUR! Make sure to ground the shield only on one side - on the wall power socket.