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Audirvana new 2.0.11 version - quite major step up to the right direction!

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Just released 2.0.11 that brings bug fixes & UI improvements:

  • Add warning about still running background tasks when application is quitting
  • Better detection of Bluetooth devices to automatically deactivate Direct Mode for them
  • Add iFi DSD DACs, and DidiT High-End DAC212 to native DSD DACs white list
  • Various User Interface improvements (pause release upon double click on track, Cmd F shortcut for Find/Search text, ...)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix manual playlist reordering using drag and drop of tracks inside the manual playlist
    • Fix deletion of tracks in a manual playlist
    • Fix slow synchronization when displaying tracks list view of whole library

In parallel to the iOS remote development, I'm consolidating the various feedbacks I'm getting, and especially the one on usability. The major ones come on the move from other software players/library managers, with the expectation that all the music library should be imported and working right away.
If the previous software was managing the metadata as per the established standards, everything goes fine and is at the expected place. But this is not always the case, with this two most frequent cases:
1) iTunes is not storing the cover images in the audio files metadata, but in a non human readable private folder structure (and is even duplicating the audio files upon import in its library if not told otherwise in its advanced settings)
2) Previous use was just using the Finder to navigate in a folders structure that is acting as the audio files metadata (e.g. last folder name is the album name). There files are missing required metadata to be sorted in the right place (e.g. grouped in their albums) and are often thought to be missing/not imported.

To continue improving the ease of use, I'm working on assisting this migration by helping the user make his library get the right metadata. So that he can then enjoy the multi criteria filtering and sorting capabilities to quickly find the music he wants to listen to at the very moment.
I'll also bring back the drag and drop from external sources (Finder, iTunes) directly in the play queue for temporary playlist creation. Though this is a fairly limited way of managing the audio library, especially when later using the Remote app (only able to work on the play queue!)