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Audirvana 2.0 coming soon…

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This is a long journey to get a full featured library manager with all the innovative features to make the navigation in your music library really convenient, efficient, and fast.

The devil is in the details to release a stable fully functional release, not an alpha version, especially as this is going to be a paid upgrade.
But I agree, perfection is an endless quest, tuning features can always go on, but the release must happen.

So Audirvana Plus 2.0 is now in its final line towards release.
To make it, I just need to complete the additional feature providing a nice way to navigate among albums and edit their metadata, write the user manual, and update the website.

I’d like to thank the beta testers who are providing very useful feedback, for workflow, features suggestions, performance (one has more than 120k tracks), and of course stability.
Though, as beta testing is under NDA, they can’t tell in public forums more than « it’s worth it ».

I’m not making any promise, but as you understand, it won’t take months…

Enjoy the music!