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Upgrade GPU for more CUDA processing power

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I built a new low acoustic noise machine for using HQPlayer on Windows 10 with exaSound e28 DAC (8 channel). This machine is currently based on Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5 TH main board for their Ultra Durable series. It has USB 3.1-C / Thunderbolt among all kinds other very recent features. CPU is Core i5-6600T (35W TDP) and RAM is 32 GB (4 DIMMS) of Kingston HyperX FURY Black DDR4 2133 MHz CL14 and passively cooled Seasonic Platinum 520 Fanless PSU.

Since the drivers for Intel GPU built into the CPU didn't work with my monitor, I temporarily fitted passive cooled inexpensive nVidia card...

Then after number of requests I wanted to find a GPU for HQPlayer CUDA use that would be reasonably priced, be small and cool enough while performing well in HQPlayer cases. So I ended up selecting ASUS Strix GeForce GTX 980 that had promise of being silent while also likely fulfilling other expected requirements (including maximum power consumption not exceeding the PSU specs).

So I replaced the temporary card with proper one...

Now the specs and performance looks good...

For HQPlayer use, pay attention to the double-precision floating point speed!

After initial testing, upsampling stereo RedBook to 12.3 MHz DSD256 using full single-stage poly-sinc loads the GPU at peak 34% and runs without any problems. I will later do further testing on what HQPlayer settings run fine on 6 and 8 channel configurations.


  1. wgscott's Avatar
    Thanks for this write-up.
  2. ted_b's Avatar
    Wow, thanks Jussi. You answered like 5 of my last questions, as if you wrote this for me. :)
  3. ted_b's Avatar
    Jussi, did you add any fans to the two stock ones included with the R5 case? I am starting my build tmrw and wonder if I will need more fans with my i7 6700k (and Noctua NH-D15 cooler), GeForce GTX 960 card and Mellanox fiber NIC. I have virtually no experience with fan profiles, etc.
  4. Brucemck2's Avatar
    Any intuition about how the Asus GeForce 750 would perform?