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More DSC1 measurement results

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As requested by Superdad, here are sweep results for a 0 - 768 kHz sweep (source is 1536/32 PCM).




Note that corner frequency of the analog filter formed by the conversion stage moves up as the sampling rate is increased, while the Sallen-Key filter has static corner frequency.

Rise and stability of 7 kHz square wave at DSD256:


  1. Superdad's Avatar
    Looks good Miska! But just to be clear, my request was to see a MUCH lower frequency sweep of 10kHz to 60kHz, so we can see what is happening just out of band. I know you like to measure and refine your filters at all those supersonic frequencies, but I more interested in what goes on down lower.

    Quad-rate sure does seem to be the sweet spot. That's an impressive 7kHz square rise.

    Have you been listening to the DSC1 for a while now?

    Thanks and regards.
  2. Miska's Avatar
    Band below 100 kHz is entirely dictated by the conversion stage filter, roll-off slope steepens as the frequency increases (depending on sampling rate). The Sallen-Key filter kicks in at 100 kHz. Since the conversion stage filter is linear phase, this keeps the phase behavior also in shape.

    Yes, I've been listening it for quite a bit. I was actually surprised how good it sounds. And nobody (?) can complain that it would sound good due to ultrasonic noise...