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SOtM sMS-200

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My name is May and I’m working for SOtM as a marketing manager. It’s so pleasure to introduce myself here officially and great chance to announce the sMS-200 availability through this chance.

Some may already have known our sMS-200 but some may not know about this brilliant mini network player, so here I briefly introduce what sMs-200 is, It features
- Excellent modern design.
- Use the separated audio power board.
- Use the exclusive large audio condenser.
- Use the exclusive audio components to reach forward to analog sound.
- Use the heat sinks for the stable operation and anti-noise.
- Use the high standard noise reduction technology which has been qualified by SOtM’s tX-USBexp, SATA filter and others.
- Use the high standard active noise filter and UKJC which has been qualified by SOtM’s tX-USBexp, sDP-1000EX and others.
- Use the High-End audio grade USB port.
- Use the 2 x standard USB ports for USB storage device.

The pictures below prove how sMS-200 is valuable. And the new features are planning to be also updated step by step. And there will be the same series of products coming up, the USB audio signal re-generator called tX-USBUltra will be the next up which has the upgraded "sCLK clock" board installed and the audio grade power supply will be following up soon. All these combinations will bring you the most satisfaction.
This is the certificate of Richard Beers Innovation Award, the award honors “those who contribute to the growth of our industry and encourage innovation every year”.

Please check more details including specification on our website, click here. and also you can purchase sMS-200 through our website. Click ‘Buy sMS-200’ button and it will lead you to SOtM shop to purchase sMS-200.

Every user who purchases a sMS-200 would get a 2 months free trial Roon license and we can offer a 1 year Roon license at the very special price if you request.

Lastly, we are preparing the event for our valuable customers who are currently using our sMS-100.The event will be arranged by this simple way, but this is not fully confirmed yet, I will need to discuss more details in next few days and get back to you shortly..
Step 1. Return your sMS-100 to us.
Step 2. Buy sMS-200 in US$350.

Thank you for taking your time to see what sMS-200 is and how valuable it is. I may need to update few more information after this weekend. In the meantime if you have any question regarding sMS-200 or our products, please feel free to leave a message or question.

Thank you very much.
Warmly, May

Do not allow cheap products. Don’t be blinded by well-advertised products. But enjoy your music life with the valuable audio products made by SOtM.