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Audirvana Plus 2.5.1 with PCM->DSD Conversion

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Thanks for the reply,My dac ( Ayre QB9 DSD ) does not do this , I have to do from the Audirvana . The question is whether a sample etched , for example , 44/16 , wins by upsampling resolution ... if the information is not in the sample how can you make it sound better upsampling doing ?
Please see:

Q&A with Charles Hansen of Ayre Acoustics Page 2 | AudioStream

for a discussion of how the QB9 does upsampling / oversampling.

The real issue is whether you think the QB9 does *better* upsampling than an external software player can do. Many of us think that that doing the upsampling outside of the DAC can sound better, given your PCs higher processing power, better flexibility in choosing upsampling filters / modulators, etc.

Thanks,So my conclusion is that better not to apply any filtering ( now I have Audirvana so on ) but yesterday beta probe with the DSD filter on and does not convince me the result. I think my MacBook Air with 4GB of memory is not enough, the CPU load is very high and stopped working twice