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Semi-Customized DAC Part V.99: Tease! ;-)

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Just the top, no base, no circuits inside, no stories - yet. :)

blogs/jud/attachments/12290-semi-customized-digital-analogue-converter-part-v-99-tease-%3B-img_0175.jpg blogs/jud/attachments/12291-semi-customized-digital-analogue-converter-part-v-99-tease-%3B-img_0176.jpg blogs/jud/attachments/12292-semi-customized-digital-analogue-converter-part-v-99-tease-%3B-img_0177.jpg

blogs/jud/attachments/12293-semi-customized-digital-analogue-converter-part-v-99-tease-%3B-img_0179.jpg blogs/jud/attachments/12294-semi-customized-digital-analogue-converter-part-v-99-tease-%3B-img_0180.jpgblogs/jud/attachments/12295-semi-customized-digital-analogue-converter-part-v-99-tease-%3B-img_0182.jpg


So two things:

- As you can tell from the last photo, it's like fractals - the closer you look, the more details you see.

- It is absolutely 100 times better in person. As you move around it, the grain on top (the wood is called sapele, this particular grain pattern is called "pommele" - apples) and on the sides (curly maple) lightens, darkens, and shimmers in waves; the depth is endless. Or as my stepson says: "Trippy!"

Edit: Hey Blake. Only the base of the chassis is from the standard Mapleshade platform. I bought two 2" platforms, then my woodworker friend (his name is Ken, you'll meet him in the next blog installment :) ) planed down one of them to 1" thickness to use as the base. The base has Mapleshade brass footers, which sit on the other 2" platform, which is on the cork-and-rubber blocks. I took a quick iPhone photo of my system to illustrate - the DAC is on the left. (Still not operational as everything's not quite hooked up inside - hope to get that taken care of very soon.)


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  1. elcorso's Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful!... Good for those who no relays on wood as Haze/Noise RFI filter. And the worst: resonances from the music and environment.

    Good luck with your product.

    Kind regards,

  2. wgscott's Avatar
    A true work of art. Thanks for posting!
  3. sandyk's Avatar
    Hi Jud
    WOW !!!
    I presume that there will also be ventilation holes underneath when completed?
    I look forward to seeing the completed DAC's photos posted in the general area of the forum where more can see it..

    Kind Regards
  4. wgscott's Avatar
    Yeah, these blogs don't get no respect.
  5. Jud's Avatar
    Yes, there are already ventilation holes in the base, which is made from a Mapleshade maple platform and brass "footers," which will sit on another Mapleshade platform, which in turn sits on cork and rubber sandwich feet. (Can all be seen over at Mapleshade under vibration control.)

    The base is currently having a few bits of wiring replaced with Omega Mikro ribbon. When that's done and I can finally get to listen to it, there will be much rejoicing in the land, and more photos. :)
  6. Blake's Avatar
    Nice work Jud. As you know, I love the Mapleshade bits, as all of my gear is placed on individual Mapleshade platforms. That must have taken quite a bit of time to add all of the detailing.

    Did you take the standard Mapleshade platform and then round off the beveled edges?
  7. Superdad's Avatar
    I want to open it and find fancy cigars. And I don't even like cigars!

    Seriously though, it is beautiful and you are creating a treasured object. I like those.

    And I am fond of beautiful woods too. My brother is a high-end woodworker. He builds $50K conference tables for the likes of Pixar and its executives (installed in super-secret Pixar offices that nobody from the outside ever sets foot in). He gets a giant trunks of a tree delivered to his workshop and mills and planes the planks himself. Then he and his foreman spend a couple of months hand working it and crafting unique bases.
    Last time he visited us he brought a big box filled with rosewood and walnut blocks--for our kids to build with, but I find audio things to do with them!
  8. Jud's Avatar
    All hooked up and burning in!
  9. audiventory's Avatar
    Great work.
  10. mav52's Avatar
    Jud, now that's cool. It does although remind me of those boxes where you had to get the right combinations of moves to open the box or not.
  11. wgscott's Avatar
    I just noticed the Kong dog toy on the carpet. Excellent product placement. Does it improve the sound-stage?
  12. Jud's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by wgscott
    I just noticed the Kong dog toy on the carpet. Excellent product placement. Does it improve the sound-stage?
    I can certainly hear the dog very clearly.