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Stereophile Recommended Components (Class B) versus Logitech SB + Boston Acoustics CD/Radio

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I am currently living in Southern Europe. I have had over a long time equipment such as Conrad Johnson, Krell, Muse, Bryston, Snell, Vandersten, etc, etc: Two separate systems. One for Home Theater and another for Music.

Sadly, I now have only a great Boston Acoustics CD player and Radio + Logitech SB. I have over 10,000 CDs stored in NAS.
I like progressive rock, classical, jazz, and Spanish guitar music.

I'm now looking forward to getting what what I have (by WiFi, with the PCs & NAS in one room and the rest on another) by acquiring a System of the Class B type of Stereophile/Absolute Sound/

Please bear in mind that when we talk about prices in the USA for example the range $2,000-$5,000 is $3,500-$8,000 in Southern Europe.

What do I need in separate components to get the same functionality but High-End Sound of what I have now?
I want a great pair of PASSIVE Speakers: PMC, PHONAR, Vienna Acoustics, Monitor Audio RS6/RS8, Paradigm, Splendor, etc.?
Do I need a Network Player? If so, which one? Pioneer N50-K, Naim, Musical Fidelity, Advance Acoustic (French with bad reviews by apparently they're decent), Cyrus Audio, etc.
Should I get an integrated DAC/pre-amp, which includes a network player?Advance Acoustic, Naim, Cyrus Audio, etc.
If I have a DAC, why do I need a pre-amp and vice versa?
What about amplification?
Thanks to you all,

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