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Audio Engine A5+ v's KEF X300A

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Hi Im new to the site and live in the UK. I currently have an iMac to play all my apple Losseles files through iTunes. This is connected to a Music Fidelity V-DAC which runs 2 ROKIT KRK5 active monitors. I want to improve the sound as the monitors are not giving me what I want, I find it a bit sterile. I am used to listening to HI FI separates through some floor standing RUARK Templers that are in my living room. I appreciate I am not going to get the same through my iMac system but I am willing to spend up to £600. As I am already using a good DAC I could just get the Audioengine A5+ active speakers as they dont include a built in DAC, but then I read the KEF X300A reviews that have built in DAC's and as a result I am unsure. I can get a demo of the KEF's but not he Audioengine. Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me the benefit of personal experiance? Anything would help.