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j dub

Official iTunes 11 Thread (Released 11/29/2012)

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Oh god apple, what have you done?????????????????????

- no album cover display or customisation in list view ("Songs" view)
- column browser only displayable horizontally, not vertically

i will need to revert back to 10 until this is realised.......... i hope this is possible...
you are still able to view your album cover work while a song is playing. i actually think this version better
because when you click on the small album cover when itunes is open the cover will pop up. and with this version you
can close itunes and still control your music right from the album cover art. you can drag the art
work any where on your screen and make it any size you like. i can close all of my players with
just the art work showing and still have control of my library. if you like simplicity this is for you. and this is the best sounding itunes so far.

have fun


  1. Conrad65's Avatar
    Yes, I missed the cover flow when I upgraded from 10 to 11.....and you can't revert back once 11 is least not in OS anyway. After a month or so you do get used to it, but I have not noticed any improvements going from 10 to 11 in either functionality or sound.