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j dub

Audirvana Plus: Direct Mode

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... not sure it is the same issue but... with iTunes 11 Audirvana (quite often) plays a different track than the one iTunes says it's playing

usually instead of moving, eg, from track 1 to track 2, A+ plays again track 1 :-(
(but iTunes says track 2 is playing)

i listen for about 3 hours last night with no problems what so ever around the fifth hour i did
have some drop outs.


  1. Rockefoten's Avatar
    Im sorry if I ask something that has been answered many times before. But I just spent an hour adding about 100 albums of div hirez to itunes and then tagging it. I added the files with the proxy only command. Then I realized that I may not want to have the files on an external HD forever.
    Can I move all the files with the itunes move library command, or would that just move the proxies? Any way to move files and keep tagging for me in the future?

    Hope I explained my problem so that you understand