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Quick Hello and from the beginning.

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Hello there

Thought I would post a few words on here about myself, musical taste, what with and, how I listen to music.

First off all would like to thank Chris for setting this site up, and many congratulations on the birth of your baby daughter. Enjoy it, it can be real fun being a farther.

Also thank you for the warm welcome I have had so far from the members.

Well were to start, I suppose at the beginning. Got into music when I was about 11 years old. The first single I brought was The Tide Is High by Blondie. Brought it in the local Woolworths, and couldn't wait to get it home.

This was 1980 London, and 2-tone had just hit the scene, and with all my friends in school starting to listen to The Specials, Madness, The Selector, The Beat, Badmanners and UB40. My single buying carried on, buying all the 2 tone singles as they came out. (which I still have)

Then came the big one, having saved enough money I could afford an album. I had some of friends tape a couple of albums for me but it just wasn't the same as owning a bit of 12" plastic. There was only one album for me, and that was The Specials by The Specials Well my record buying carried on, but there was a problem in house hold. The old record player was in the front room, the same room as the TV, and mum and dad always won that argument.

Then one Christmas morning woke up to see what Santa had brought me ( if you are small child do not read this bit:didn't really believe in Santa by that age, have to keep my street cred up) waiting for me in the front room was an Amstrad Hi Fi system it had a record player, radio, and wait for it TAPE TO TAPE. Boy where my two younger sisters jealously off me that year. Me being the oldest and having his own room, I was in music heaven.

Now to the future, still listening to music. Have now got the CD version off The Specials by The Specials, have converted it into Flac, and also apple lost less for the Ipod.If they ever brought out a Hi Res version I would buy that as well. Also went to see them about 3 years ago, and they were brilliant, was deaf and couldn't walk straight for two days but it was worth it.

But I have never really been a great album listener, even them early days, use to love making mix tapes, then taping CD's, then PC's and MP3 came along and making my own mix CD's. Now days not a lot has change apart from the tools and the quality has gone up. Now have an Ipod Classics which I do play list in iTunes, and also do playlist with Flac files in JRiver.

As for what else I listen to these days, will have to wait for another day. But as I type this Autumn Leaves By Eva Cassidy from Songbird is playing on JRiver and dBpoweramp is ripping Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Californication.

Cheers Frank.

PS English is my first language, but have never been the best at it, so apologize for any grammar errors.
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  1. curmudgeon's Avatar
    I, too, loved The Specials (especially The Specials album), and played them almost incessantly for a long time in the eighties (and was very fond of Selector and Madness, as well). I bought this stuff on vinyl LPs and it just recently came out of "retirement" (my basement storage area) after 25 years or so, when I put together a new digital-based system and decided to resurrect my old turntable just for comparison. No surprise; they still sounded great to me, and I had to play them repeatedly. It was particularly enjoyable to introduce my teenage kids to The Specials and find that they were also taken by the sounds. Would love to have a hi-res digital version; maybe I will try ripping the vinyl.
  2. Holowlegs's Avatar
    Curmudgeon I also played this album an awful lot during the 80's. Good to hear that your teenage kids enjoyed it.

    The Beat are going to release a new best-of box set which you may be interested in.

    Would great if The Specials and The Selector could do something similar.

    Cheers Frank