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Sunday-Morning Music

Sunday-Morning Music

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Welcome to my blog! So...why Sunday-morning music? I've been an avid poster, at another popular "audiophile" forum, for quite some time. My longest posts, always seem to come on the weekend mornings. I get my coffee, and some breakfast; put on some music, and pontificate away, about whatever is on my mind that particular day.

This all goes down, in the owner's section of the speaker brand I favor (which won't exactly be a mystery, going forward; but I don't necessarily want to go and name the forum here). Since my ramblings are often not confined to just the speakers themselves, it could technically be considered OT (although it's always about gear or music, in some fashion...and I say neither subject should really be OT, for an "audiophile"). Some seem to like the musings; others, not so much.

So I thought it best to start something like this. People have to want to read, and participate, in what I have to say; not be subjected to it, when they come for their latest speaker news. That's the basis for SMM; we'll talk within the hobby, lol. I love the pursuit of sonic "perfection", and musical enjoyment found therein; so AFAIC, everything that pertains to it...even in the most ancillary on-topic in my blogosphere!

Also...I'll always share what I'm listening to when I post; after all, the blog is called Sunday-Morning Music. This Sunday morning, it's Avishai Cohen's Seven Seas.

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