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DSD on Jriver playback problem

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I have a bunchs of SACD rips that I am trying play back using JRiver. It appears to work fine. Few seconds buffering and off I go. Then about every 30 seconds, the music stops for 10 seconds or so and starts buffering again. After a while play resumes. Am I running out of memory? What setting do I need to change? I have a CAPS 2.0 with 4GB memory - this should not be a problem at all. Please help me out here!
Problem solved. I set the bitrate to 88/24. Apparently the CPU was running out of steam at 96/24. I am frankly a bit disappointed the CAPS 2.0 is not spec'ed with a processor powerfull enough to do this on the fly conversion at 96/24, but that is another issue.