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Olive Music Servers: BUYER BEWARE!

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[QUOTE=dudley;249426]I would have loved to written about my wonderful experience I have had owning my Opus and dealing with Olive employees. Unfortunately my Opus and Olive employees have been nothing short of a nightmare.

I purchased the Opus in April 2007 for $3500.00 . I was originally very happy with the Opus. However, the honeymoon with the Opus ended very quickly. I have had numerous problems with the Opus including but not limited to the following:

1. The Opus would stop playing after 30 minutes and just turn off
2. The Opus would skip tracks make a strange noise and would shut off
3. The Opus would not play at all and required constant rebooting which required the recovery CD
4. I was forced to use the recovery CD constantly first just to reboot the Opus then it got to the point where I had to delete all the CD's stored and had to start from scratch. I had to reload all my CD's into the Opus on numerous occasions. As you can imagine this was very time consuming and frustrating
5. The Opus would overheat and shut off
6. The Opus would stop playing and freeze. The only remedy for this was to shut it off and unplug the unit for at least 30 minutes
7. AT this point the Opus is completely dead. I can no longer even reboot the machine because it no longer even turns on.

I am sure you are asking yourself why didn't you call Olive. The problem is I did. I made numerous telephone calls to Olive. Each time I called I was told there is nothing wrong with the Opus and Olive refused to provide me with an RMA number (which is required to repair the Opus). Olive refused to repair the Opus regardless of my complaints. Moreover, the Opus had a two year warranty which Olive refused to honor. To be honest Olive has the ruddiest tech people I have ever run across. Here are a few examples of what I was told by Olive Tech support:

1. The Opus is playing music so there is nothing wrong with the machine
2. You received the recovery CD with the Opus and it is doing its job
3. You clearly do not understand how to work the machine "read the manual"
4 .It is not the Opus it must be your other equipment
5. On several occasions the tech manager informed me he was busy and hung up on me
6. In August I was told" Your warranty is up and we are not obligated to fix your machine and we no longer carry the parts and it cannot be fixed. Why don't you just buy a new Olive 4HD!

I could go on however, I think you understand my experience with Olive and the Opus.I urge anyone who is considering purchasing an Olive to go on to the Audio chat rooms. You will find numerous complaints about both the products and the company.