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HD Tracks Petition(?) - Please switch to a 'per song' purchase model

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I'm not much of a poster but am an avid CA reader. Have learned a lot from this site, and am very thankful.

I wanted to toss this one out to the CA community to see how many folks are in a similar boat as I...

I purchase as much music as I can from HD Tracks, but am also a child of the iTunes generation and have not been inclined for years to purchase whole albums unless I feel it worth it. As a result of this preference I find myself often compromising sound quality and defaulting to iTunes when HD tracks is insistant on selling a given title using their present all-or-nothing business model.

I recognize this may not be their entire decision and that a record label influence may exist. But from a business perspective they are losing money from me as a result; money I'd love to give to them instead of Apple so I could have higher quality audio as opposed to compressed music...

Am I alone?


  1. The Computer Audiophile's Avatar
    Hi desbiss - I think the label dictates how the music is sold much more than HDtracks. But, your point is still valid. I'm actually the opposite from you in that I purchase entire albums with the hope of discovering a great track nobody talks about or a hidden gem.
  2. desbiss's Avatar
    Thanks Chris.

    I sent a comment related to this to HD Tracks. Received the below reply:

    "Purchasing singles may be an option in the future. It is a suggestion that I can pass along to appropriate departments. It allows a possibility. You know never know."

    Fingers crossed... Someday.