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Nursery hifi

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I haven't posted in awhile due to being a new father. But couldn't resist sharing my budget, wife-approved setup for my little two month old. It includes a Tivoli Audio Model One (150$), iPod (used 150$), and dock (used 10$). I mostly leave the local classical music station going (no commercials), but occasionally pump through some Pandora or mp3. At night, I put on some pink noise for her.

Hey...she can look back and know that dad made an effort to start her young! Not a bad little budget setup, even if it is mono.

And of course, mom can listen to podcasts while she's stuff. :-)

The mono speaker sounds very smooth and musical. Voices in particular come across with ease. With no hint of boom or congestion in the midbass. And you can crank it pretty loud without any hint of distortion. A very nicely designed table radio indeed. Much better than any of the iPod docks that I've heard.