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Mastered for iTunes Part 2

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Since the db levels of the MFIT and ALAC versions are different (MFIT is a tad softer), they need to be matched up for listening comparisons...dang it, this was supposed to be easy. So far there is little to report...the only differences being because of the db level, and now those differences are gone.

One of the benefits of MFIT is the ability to check for clipping, which can be a problem when converting to AAC straight from the CD master. I used iTunes to generate my own 256kbps AAC version of the album. I loaded the tracks into Audacity, well holy shredded sine waves Batman! There was indeed some clipping in my AAC version. But now the good news: the MFIT version shows absolutely no clipping, and this probably explains why the db level was pulled back a tad.

Check out what Apple has to say about MFIT if you haven't already.

Updated 09-03-2012 at 11:32 PM by david.parker83

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