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Mastered for iTunes Part 1

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The image below shows a comparison between the MFIT (Mastered for iTunes) and ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Compression) versions of John Mayer's "Queen of California." This is track 1 from his latest album, Born and Raised. MFIT is on top, ALAC is on bottom.

What do you see? To me, the MFIT version is mastered at a slightly lower volume. I can't see any visual evidence that the dynamic range compression is different: since the loudest and softest parts both appear louder on the ALAC version. Hope the image turns out ok. If not, I will upload somewhere else.



  1. phatoldsun's Avatar
    Dude, how did you sneak in here. This is a great album. I only have in CD/ALAC and love it. It doesn't sound too compressed to me. The 44/24 of Paradise Valley for HD Tracks is good. Check it out.